Our Catering Menu


Our Catering Menu
We are a full mobile Street Taco Service – we will bring a single cooking unit with a salsa bar, and cook authentic Jalisco style taco’s for your guest’s at your location of choice.

During the contracted time, SBTC will serve your guest with NO LIMITATIONS! ALL YOU CAN EAT! Your guests will have the opportunity to meet our staff at the taco bar where they’ll instruct us on what type of tacos they’ll want and how many they’d like, then they’ll be served hot and fresh! View our complete catering menu below.

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Meat Selections

Steak Tacos
Carne Asada TacosStd Price
Chicken Tacos
Marinated Chicken TacosStd Price
Pork Tacos
Al Pastor / Marinated Pork TacosStd Price
Shrimp Tacos
Delicious Shrimp TacosSpecialty
Lobster Tacos
Delicious Lobster TacosSpecialty
Fish Tacos
Delicious Fish TacosSpecialty
Chorizo Tacos
Delicious Chorizo TacosSpecialty
Soy Meat Tacos
Delicious Vegetarian TacosSpecialty
Green or Red – Chicken, Beef or Cheese ($2.50 per with 30 min order)$2.50
Flour or Corn (Grilled Veggie / Chicken) a la carte pricing$1.50

A La Carte Dishes

Veggie Option
Vegetarian Option – Grilled onions and Bell Peppers a la carte pricing$1.50
Gourmet Garden Salad
Vegetarian Option – $1.25 per person – a la carte pricing$1.25
Authentic Mexican Quesadillas – $1.25 per – a la carte pricing$1.25
Quesadillas Synchronized
(Great appetizer) Meat filled quesadillas – $2.25 per – a la carte pricing$2.25
Corn on the Cob
(Great appetizer) $1.25 per – (minimum order 20)$1.25
(Pork, Chicken, Veggie, Queso with Rajas, Queso, Sweet Etc) $2.50 each – (minimum order 10 dozen)$2.50
Ceviche Tostada’s
Shrimp or Fish (Great Appetizer) – $2.50 / $3.75 per – a la carte pricing$2.50 – $3.75
Ceviche and Guacamole Shooters
Comes with chips in small designer margarita glass (Great Appetizer)Ask Price
(Great appetizer) – (Veggie – Chicken – Shrimp) $2.00 per / $2.75 for Shrimp$2.00 – $2.75

Sides/ Drinks / Desserts

Signature Guacamole
Try our authentic guacamole, it’s a great appetizer. $2.50 per person$2.50
Shredded Cheese
A la carte pricing $0.75 per person$0.75
With carrots in vinegar $0.75 per person$0.75
Sour Cream
A la carte pricing $0.75 per person$0.75
Agua’s Fresca
Refreshing water flavored fruit drink ($1.00 per person / Per Flavor)$1.00
Horchata, Limon / Lemon, Orange, Watermelon, Melon, Mango, Fresa (Strawberry), Pina (Pineapple), Guava, Canned Soda, Bottled Water$1.00
Flan / Cheesecake / Carrot Cake / Lemon Meringue / Chocolate MousseAsk Price

Standard Service Includes:

  • Dual Tortilla Tacos – (Carne Asada), Marinated Chicken, Pork (Al Pastor)
  • Fresh Rice, Beans, Sauteed Onions, Freshly Made Salsa Bar (sweet, hot, mild), Lime Wedges
  • Every service includes napkins and plates as well as eating utensils for your guests
  • After your guests choose their authentic Jalisco taco plate, they’ll have an opportunity to visit SBTC’s salsa bar – (Mild Green, Hot Red, Sweet Pico De Gallo)
  • Extra food items are available for your event at an additional cost – see Extra Options below

Extra Options Include:

  • Shrimp, Fish, Chorizo, Chorizo Con Papa (with Potatoes), Lengua
  • Grilled Vegetables (Onions and Bell Beppers)
  • Ceviche, Tostadas, Quesadillas, Mexican Hot Dogs, Burritos, Tamales, Enchiladas (Green or Red)
  • Guacamole, Shredded Cheese, Sauteed Jalapenos, Sour Cream
  • Orchata (Cinnamon – Vanilla Rice Water), Limon Pina (Pineapple), Tamarindo Guava, Mango Fresa (Strawberry), Canned Sodas, Coffee, Hot Chocolate (Abuelita Style) – in winter