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Carlos Montoya, owner of Sac Tacos was asked to demonstrate his authentic Jalisco style tacos for the FOX40 Studio and did not disappoint. We got to do what we’re best known for live on the air and if your mouth is watering already just looking at these tacos, rest assured that you can throw your…

Things to Consider When Hiring a Wedding Catering Service in Sacramento

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As soon as one has been able to book their venue for their wedding, it is very essential for them to lock down on a good caterer as well. Certain venues are able to provide in house catering services, in which case one may easily coordinate with the venue coordinator or the caterer to helper…

Why Hiring a Good Sacramento Catering Company Is Important

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Sacramento Wedding Catering Tacos

Why Hiring a Good Catering Service in Sacramento Is Important When it comes to making plans for a wedding there is need for one to actually take really great care when it comes to hiring a Sacramento catering company. Food is one of the most important aspects of the wedding and in the event that…

7 Tips For Hiring The Best Caterer For Your Event

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7 Essential Tips For Hiring The Best Caterer For Your Event Be it an engagement party or simply just a pre-wedding party, there is need for one to actually be able to consider some factors which are associated to the big day. You should understand that hiring a catering company may easily end up either making or…