Happy Cinco De Mayo!

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Cinco De Mayo in Sacramento

How do folks celebrate Cinco De Mayo in Sacramento?

In Sacramento, locals celebrate Cinco De Mayo (the 5th of May) with historical reenactments, parades, and authentic mexican meals which take place to commemorate one of the largest battles in Mexican history. The day is also one of the largest celebrations of Mexican culture in the United States and Sacramento is geared up to honor this centuries-old holiday. Some folks attend parades where participants dress as French and Mexican soldiers to reenact the battle.

Fun Trivia: How Did Cinco De Mayo Get Started?

The holiday is often seen as a good reason to enjoy Mexican food and drinks, but many Americans don’t know its history ⁠— or how it got to be so popular in the U.S. Many assume May 5th is Mexico’s Independence Day, but the holiday is actually about one specific battle.  The 5th of may, commemorates the Mexican army’s unlikely victory over the French forces of Napoleon III on May 5, 1862, at the Battle of Puebla. This occurred after Benito Juárez, then the president of Mexico, suspended the nation’s foreign debt payments, and Napoleon III responded by sending French troops to invade.

Celebrate Your Own Way

Today we’ll be celebrating down at our Food Truck on 7840 Greenback Ln. – Citrus Heights, CA 95610. It’s a fun time in Sacramento, and there’s no better time to get a taco feast going for your and your family than on this fun Mexican holiday. We’re offering $5.00 off at our food truck on your order (orders over $25.00)

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