Tacos, Wedding Catering on a Budget in Sacramento

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Tacos, Wedding Catering on a Budget in Sacramento

When catering a wedding in Sacramento, the budget may sometimes be tight for feeding hundreds of guests. With tacos in the mix, catering for larger sized groups suddenly becomes affordable. Quite frequently we are asked to come up with a catering plan to feed anywhere from 30 to 300 guests. Often budget is of primary concern but so is the quality of food. It’s why often times people looking to save on money but not on taste choose Mexican food. Always a crowd pleaser, lets face it – you can’t go wrong with Tacos. Serving the classic Mexican dish at weddings is a *major* trend right now, and we couldn’t be happier. However, if you are going with Mexican food in your catering plan, and plan on adding a taco bar – you can even incorporate the cuisine into your wedding dessert. In fact, we’ve got 10 different inventive taco-inspired ways to enhance your wedding food game.

1. Gourmet Fixin’s: When having anything semi-casual, such as a taco bar at your wedding, you want to keep it authentic. To accomplish this impact, invest in gourmet toppings that go beyond pico de gallo and guacamole. Some of our favorites include radishes, onions, and jalapenos.

Taco Shooters - Wedding Catering Tips For Going With Mexican Food

Taco Shooters – Wedding Catering Tips For Going With Mexican Food

2. Taco Shooters: Aren’t these small taco shooters adorable? They’re served with a slice of fresh lime and everyone’s favorite wedding drink: tequila.

Taco Bar Wedding

Taco Bar Wedding

3. Taco Bar: Of course, it’s a good idea to make your cuisine as visually appealing as possible. This full-fledged taco bar adds to the decor of your event while allowing your guests to select and choose their own toppings. Adding a taco bar is always a good call, especially when catering a wedding in Sacramento.

Authentic Mexican Salsa

Authentic Mexican Salsa

4. Salsa Magic: When you’re putting together your taco bar, think about the salsas you’ll serve. These, like your fixings, should be stylish and gourmet to add to an overall upmarket atmosphere.

5. Taco Bowls: While you’re at it, set out some bowls at the taco counter and allow your visitors to assist themselves. This will be perfect for healthy dieters who don’t want to eat a tortilla, and it can include a variety of delectable ingredients such as ground pork, avocado, and charred corn.

Tortilla Chips - Nacho Plate

Tortilla Chips – Nacho Plate

6. Tortilla Chips: Is there a chic way to serve tortilla chips? Yes, yes, there it is — this delicious cheesy nacho plate is a prime example.

7. Cilantro, Mango, Lime, and Onion Salsa: While we *absolutely* adore traditional salsa, we’re intrigued by the combination of cilantro, lime, and onions. Extra points for the adorable chalkboard sign labels.

Cilanto mango salsa shooters

Cilanto mango salsa shooters

8. Putting It All Together: This exquisite spread is EXACTLY what your taco bar needs. There are lots of alternatives for guests to pick from, including rice and beans, fresh lime, lettuce, salsas, and other munchies.

Taco Cake

Taco Cake (Via Pinterest)

9. Taco Cake: Of course, there are other ways to incorporate a taco theme into your wedding. This cake will *completely* steal the show.

Cookie Tacos

Cookie Tacos – Delicious taco cookies are a hit at any party (Via Instructables)

10. Taco Cookies: Don’t want to commit to a taco wedding cake but still want some innovative themed desserts? Try taco cookies. These sugar cookies are OUTSTANDING. They’re made with simple ingredients like brownie bits, red M&Ms, sugar cookie dough, food coloring, and shredded coconut that can be found at any grocery shop.

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