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Breakfast Buffet Drop Off Special – $275

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OUR BREAKFAST PLATTER FEEDS UP TO 30 GUESTS FOR JUST $275! Treat your guests to a fantastic Authentic Mexican breakfast! Our Breakfast platter will feed up to 30 people and is a terrific way to start the day. Our drop-off delivery service comes with Fresh Corn & Flour Tortillas. Scrambled Eggs with Bacon. Scrambled Eggs With…

Mouth Watering Mexican Catering in Sacramento

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Lunch Catering in Sacramento

Invite To Your Event For Mouth Watering Mexican Catering in Sacramento An event is always extra special when the food leaves a memorable after taste! Well, at least that’s what we at Sac Tacos believe and our dear clients second that! Sac Tacos offers Mexican Catering services to make any event a special one. From…

An Affordable Sacramento Wedding Catering Option

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HOW TO SELECT THE BEST SACRAMENTO WEDDING CATERING COMPANY When choosing a Sacramento wedding catering company, you want to select a vendor known for excellent food and service as well as their ability to work with the multitude of details involved in pulling off the perfect wedding. There are many important factors you should consider when you first meet your caterer. WEDDING CATERER…

Save on Sacramento Corporate Catering With a Taco Bar

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When looking at Sacramento corporate caterers, consider some of the best ways that you can save on an event’s food and beverage bill—with a taco buffet and salsa bar there’s no need to break the bank. 1. Keep it short and sweet. Stephanie Edens, vice president of national sales at Wolfgang Puck Catering, says that event hosts should…