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Weddings are one of the most momentous occasions of one’s life. As such, it should be made as spectacular and memorable as possible. What better way to achieve this than with superb Mexican wedding catering.

Food is life for many and believe it or not, the life of the party. Your wedding reception is automatically doomed without  sumptuous food and professional catering services. Yea, it is not just about having delicious meals. You need to also consider the serving of the meal and whether entire guest list will have enough to eat.

Sac Tacos Catering

Introducing to Roseville, SAC TACOS Catering. Sac Tacos Catering has been around for ages, but you may not have heard about us in Roseville. We are a renowned, family-oriented Mexican Caterers at the service of Roseville community. When you desire a wedding reception with a touch of Mexican cuisine, Sac Tacos catering is your best bet. With over two decades of experience in preparing world class Mexican dishes, equipped with modern catering gadgets, Sac Tacos is committed to provide you with Roseville wedding catering beyond your imagination.

Sac Tacos has a wide array of exquisite utensils and dinnerware to make the meal even more appealing. Neatness is our watchword, satisfaction of the bride, groom and of course the guests is our priority.

Sac Tacos Wedding Catering in Roseville

When you book Sac Tacos Catering for your Roseville wedding catering, you get an authentic Mexican cuisine prepared with fresh, natural ingredients that will give you and your guests that mouth-watering experience even long after the ceremony.

Sac Tacos can give you a customized package just the way you want it. Our caterers and chefs are experienced professionals providing impeccable mobile catering services to our numerous clients. Whatever you wish to include in your wedding banquet, that is exactly what we will give you.

Let us assist you to prepare that sumptuous Mexican cuisine that your guests will never forget in a hurry. Whether it is your bridal showers, engagement party or the wedding reception and party, Sac Tacos is here for your mobile catering services.

Even though Sac Tacos provides you the best Taco service in Roseville, we do so at affordable price that will not put a hole in your pocket. Our clean and efficient staff will serve you and your distinguished guests hot, fresh and sumptuous meals without limitations.

Sac Taco Wedding Catering Menu

Sac Taco boasts of an assortment of food selections to suit every of your guest’s Mexican taste. There are no holds barred, we go all out to give you specifically what you want and how you want it and our wedding catering menu reflects that.

Meat selections –

All manner of tacos ranging from pork, chicken, steak to fish, shrimp, lobster and chorizo tacos are available. There are also various types of enchiladas and fajitas.

A la carte dishes –

There are gourmet garden salads, various veggie options, quesadillas, corn on the cobs, mulitas, tamales, carnitas, fresh civeche and tortas all available in different varieties.


Shredded cheese, jalapenos, sour cream, agua’s fresca, refreshments and desserts are available in different assortments too.

Visit our Catering Menu for more details

You cannot go wrong with Roseville’s super catering services from Sac Tacos Catering.

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