Tips on Finding the Perfect Sacramento Wedding Catering Service

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In Sacramento weddings are special events that are cherished by friends and family and remembered for life. Planning a wedding includes numerous things and one of these critical things is finding the perfect Sacramento wedding catering service. Yes, the food at your wedding is a big part of the whole event and people will remember it for years to come. At your wedding, however opulent or small the affair is, you want your guests to go be full of laughter, love and of course a hearty meal!

Choosing a Sacramento wedding catering service is not easy, but if you keep the following points in mind, it may be less daunting! Here we go:

Set a Budget

Wedding catering services can be as expensive as a fine dining experience or as pocket friendly as a take away meal- only this is for many people at once! It is thus extremely important to set a budget and choose a wedding catering service and the menu accordingly.

Venue Restrictions

Check with the wedding venue if they have any wedding catering service restrictions. Some venues only allow a set list of caterers to choose from.


Even if the first wedding catering service you come across seems perfect, don’t settle for it yet! Do a little research, get quotes from everyone and make an informed decision, rather than an impulsive one. Also reading reviews and if possible asking previous clients about the experience can help you make the best decision.

Don’t Forget The Extras

The wedding catering service you choose must not be restricted to just food but also extend the services to linens and dinnerware, if that’s a priority for you. If you are planning on the tables and décor yourself or the wedding planner is doing it, you still need to know what all the caterer offers.

Set Up a Tasting

This is the fun part! While you can’t taste the whole menu, a tasting of the top 3 choices on your list will give you an idea of what the caterer is capable of.

Sac Tacos offers professional wedding catering service that is sure to make your wedding day flavorful and beyond hearty! Our Mexican catering service is a complete hit with couples who want a great, exciting and flavorful wedding menu. Choose from our extensive menu and pick your favorites. Let’s discuss your wedding menu needs and allow us to give your guests a flavorful memory!

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