5 Do Not’s of Wedding Catering in Sacramento

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The 5 ‘Do Not’s’ Of Wedding Catering

Planning your special wedding day? What’s on the plate? Well, we mean quite literally! Have you chosen the perfect wedding catering service or still scouting through the many options and everyone claiming to be the best?

A lot of people will tell you to do this and do that when selecting a wedding catering service but we are here to tell the do not this and the do not do that! Yes, while there are many must do’s to consider there are also several do not’s to take note off. Here’s a list of the do not’s of wedding catering:


  1. DON’T Complicate!

However appetizing and appealing it may seem, complicated, expensive and foods that take hours of preparing are not necessary. Get over the complicated entrees and opt for easier, mess free and simple food options.


  1. DON’T Make It Too Simple Either!

Now this may seem complicated but you have to strike a balance between complex and simple food options. French fries are a no! Don’t offer something that your guests and you will probably buy on a grocery shopping day. Keep it classy yet fuss free.


  1. DON’T be Over Ambitious

Try to stick to ingredients and options locally available rather than going over-the-top in an attempt to be different. Local and fresh produce will always give better flavors as compared to imported things that just seem ‘fancy’.


  1. DON’T Overlook the Appearance

While yes the most important thing is that the food tastes good, but it also needs to look good. The plating, the plates, the table cloths and everything needs to add to the appetite rather than repel. How the food looks definitely impacts to how people respond to it. But again appearance is not the top priority, taste and quality is.


  1. DON’T Go Overboard with Options

While your wedding catering service may be able to offer you a hundred different food options, the key is in choosing a select few. Too many options and a very diverse food menu will rob the charm off the specials and only stuff the menu, food and plates- not make for an experience.


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