8 Questions Or Ask Before Hiring a Wedding Catering Company in Sacramento

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When it comes to planning a wedding in Sacramento, this is normally a very exciting time to actually be able to just share love with family and friends which is a very crucial moment. Listed below are 8 simple questions that we recommend you ask before hiring a catering company with regard to one’s taste, budget and palate.

  • Who will you be meeting with?

Are you meeting with the owner of the catering company, the manager or a representative? By knowing who you are meeting with, you may be able to paint the picture of how the catering company relates with their customers during the wedding planning process. One also needs to know whom they will be working with as meeting the point person in advance will ensure that you are able to build a rapport before the big day.

  • How will they run this event?

The potential Sacramento caterer you hire will ask how you would want the day to run and how they would want things to go which an individual should also be in a position to ask similar questions to the caterer. You should ask the number of staffers that will be working, which style menu will be used etc.

  • What other services do you offer?

Some caterers have licensed bar service while others may offer to make desserts while others have venues that they can offer for the rehearsal dinner, bridal shower or bachelorette party. Packages are normally cheaper and easier to deal with. In our particular setup, since we are a mobile catering company – we will send our complete taco bar package with tent setup and a side bar for chips & salsa and sides. We offer specialty dishes like carnitas, ceviche and other amenities upon request.

  • Whom do you recommend in the industry?

You can easily ask the caterer for various contacts such as photographers, DJs since they are familiar with such scenarios and know who is best at what. See who they can easily recommend.

  • Where do you get most of your ingredients?

This is a very important question as you will be able to tell a lot about the catering company. If they source their product locally, then that means that their tastes may be similar and appealing to your own palate and also it means that they can tweak their menu to suit allergies and personal preferences when it comes to the menu.

  • What do you already have, and what will you need in order to cook at the venue?

Most Sacramento wedding catering venues normally come with fully stocked kitchens but in the event that some don’t, it is important to know what is needed before the big day so that one gets to know what needs to be paid for. In our particular setup, we come fully equipped to cook the food to order and we keep the line moving fast and the tacos flowing.

  • Can they provide a broken-down cost estimate?

You need to know if you will have to pay per head and in the event that you do then there is need for you  to ask if there may be any other unforeseen costs such as the chef’s wages, bar tenders, gratuity, etc. among other workers who will be on site. If there are none then ask for a comprehensive breakdown of expenses.

  • What is the left over policy?

Ask if people can take left over food home or if the caterers will not allow it as you may end up just paying for the food that was eaten during the event and not what was promised in the contract. Hence, would you be able to know if the wedding catering service in Sacramento is able to allow their guests to go with packed food home or not.

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