7 Tips For Hiring The Best Caterer For Your Event

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7 Essential Tips For Hiring The Best Caterer For Your Event

Be it an engagement party or simply just a pre-wedding party, there is need for one to actually be able to consider some factors which are associated to the big day. You should understand that hiring a catering company may easily end up either making or breaking their wedding event. A wedding is normally like an investment hence the need for one to make a good decision when it comes to matters of the stomach.

If you’re not a professional wedding planner, then there are several key factors that you need to take into consideration since you have limited experience when it comes to dealing with the hiring of catering companies. Listed below are some tips that will help one hire the best caterer in Sacramento

Narrow down the field

You need to be very selective when you choose a caterer so that the food is appealing and authentic to your guests. Try to narrow down your list on the various wedding catering services in Sacramento and once you have a short list – look for references, reviews in order for it to help them weed out undesirables and unsatisfactory caterers. You may also ask management with regard to the venue that you select, some caterers are able to provide sage advice since they have more experience in that field

Ask About The Cooking Process

One is normally advised to get a tasting or have previously have tried the food of the vendor. Ask to see how your food will be prepared and to see the level of cleanliness and gauge their professionalism. You want to make sure that the cooking area and process is completely sanitary, if not then this is a red flag that one needs to avoid. Hence the advice, always visit the kitchen.

Menu options

You need to review the caterer’s specialties and menu options since not all menus are suitable for all events and neither do they match to the services that are needed. You need to review their menu, sides, and various options with the caterer and also take into consideration that if some guests have a restricted diet, then they will be able to be accommodated as well. See if they provide alternatives for guests.

Ask About Staff Availability

Before you go and sign any contract, you need to ensure that the Sacramento caterer you hire will have enough staff to fully service an event. The number of staff needed is normally related to the nature and the size of the event hence the need to iron out the logistics prior to the event.

Customer input

One needs to understand that the caterer that they pick needs to be able to provide a one on one with them in order for them to actually get along. They should be ready and willing to work very closely with you during all stages of the event.

Menu tastings

The caterer that is chosen should be able to provide tastings with regard to the day that they will be needed. This is a very important point since one will be able to approve and sample the menu prior to the event.

Cost of service

Finally, how much it will end up costing is very essential. One needs to be very clear about their budget and make sure that the quote that they receive willfully cover the caterer’s full service including the setup, break down and all the staffing considerations.

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