7 Questions To Ask Your Mobile Catering Company

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Planning the perfect event usually means asking many questions ahead of time. Knowing what is and what’s not included will make the process easier. Whether you are planning your event or using a professional event planner, you still have much to consider. How many people are attending, what is the theme of the occasion, and most importantly what type of food to serve your hungry guests?

In years past, at least one other looming question was often a deal breaker many folks; Where can we hold the event? That question is easily answered if you are catering at home or choose a venue that makes the an on-site kitchen available. With food trucks and mobile taco catering companies like ours, there is an infinite amount of possibilities when it comes to catering your affair.

grad-300x225Nobody does mobile taco catering better than Sacramento’s Best Taco Catering because we specialize in events both large and small. From corporate lunches and weddings to simple family get-togethers, we provide quick setup and breakdown of our entire mobile taco bar banquet. If you’re thinking about hiring a mobile taco catering company, here are a few questions you should be asking before hiring anyone:


1. What kinds of taco meat choices do you provide?

Our standard taco meats include: Angus Steak , Pork ( Al Pastor Style ) and Chicken ( Adobada ).

2. What types of ingredients do you use?

We use nothing but the finest fresh ingredients Cilantro , Tomatillo , Peppers , Garlic and can provide a tasting menu if you’re having a larger event or catering your wedding with us.

3. Will my guests be waiting a long time to eat?

We’re highly organized and can typically serve up to 200 guests per hour with our mobile grill station. If you plan to have more guests, discuss other options with us like adding a 2nd grill station to accommodate larger crowds.

4. Aside from your existing menu, can I add on special menu items?

For speciality tacos we also offer shrimp, fish, chorizo, soy meat (vegetarian), enchiladas, fajitas, tamales, ceviche, tostadas and more. Please visit our catering menu to view our complete selection.

5. Do you offer sit-down meal service?

At the present time we do not offer seated meal service or wait staff. We offer a 6-8 foot buffet bar dressed in our fun Mexican table cloths and chaffing dishes to serve all our home made salsa’s and side’s.

6. Where can I see feedback from past customers of your product and service?

You can try our webpage under review’s or go to our Yelp or Google Plus pages were you will find many customer review’s of our food and service.

7. What happens on the event day, from start to finish?

We show up approximately an hour before your guests are scheduled to be served and then set up a clean modern grill under a standard pop up tent with Logo’s and cook all our meat’s fresh at the location. A banquet table with fresh sides and salsas is then set up for your guests.  When finished we will clean up and exit the event cleanly and quietly leaving the area to your satisfaction.


Sacramento Wedding Catering

Sacramento Wedding Catering

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