Top 4 Sacramento Wedding Catering Styles

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Understanding Different Wedding Catering Styles

When it comes to wedding planning, no detail can be missed out on! When you invite people to your wedding or when you are invited to one, what are the things that leave a lasting impact on you? Most commonly it’s the ceremony, the bride’s dress, flowers and décor and the food.

The food at a wedding is one of the most critical make or break decisions you will make. Nobody will remember if the bride wore a designer dress or her mother’s wedding dress, no one cares if the flowers are white or pink as long as it’s your choice and to your liking and no one really notices how many candles or lights you put; but everyone remembers the flavors of the food that you served at the wedding. As important as the flavors is the style of wedding catering. The common wedding catering styles are:


So how do you know which is the best wedding catering service for you? Let’s briefly understand the pros and cons of each wedding catering style to help you pick the most appropriate one for your guests.


The biggest plus is the options and the fact that the food can be kept hot. Also your guests will be able to move around and meet more people. But on the other hand standing in lines to take food can be a negative, especially for older people and it becomes a very ‘systematic’ function.



It gives you the chance to offer a very personalized food experience and of course it is very elegant. The food serving and preferences are better managed. However, the food options go down and it is one of the most expensive wedding catering style.


Family Style

It’s the perfect balance between formal and informal and is a great way to enjoy a hearty meal over conversations and laughter. However, the sitting arrangement needs to be thoroughly thought out to ensure everyone has a good time. Also, the food options are much lesser as compared to a buffet.


Food Stations

Gives you the opportunity to explore cuisine options and makes the whole wedding environment casual and fun. However, if your guests are expecting to fill the stomach the portions may not be very filling.

So that’s a little run down on the different wedding catering styles, choose the one that best fits your idea of a perfect wedding meal. Sac Tacos can make your wedding catering experience unique, memorable and absolutely delicious!

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