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The easiest way to impress your wedding guests is by providing them with a sumptuous Mexican cuisine. Your wedding is an extraordinary occasion, with the right Folsom wedding catering service, you can make it even more remarkable.

Sac Tacos Catering in Folsom is ever ready to help you achieve that legendary wedding ceremony you desire and deserve. Knowing that you have a thousand and one other issues to attend to in preparation for your wedding, Sac Tacos is on hand to take the added stress of your wedding catering off you. You can rest easy and allow us make your wedding outstanding.

Folsom Wedding Catering with Sac Tacos Catering

Sac Tacos is a closely-knit family of expert and experienced chefs and caterers providing various catering services for your family and friends. We aim to absolutely wow and please our Folsom hosts and guests. Without our clients, we understand that we will not exist at all.

  • In order to give our bride and groom the finest wedding ceremony, Sac Tacos boasts of serving you delicious Mexican dishes, fresh, spicy and bursting with flavours. No matter the Mexican taste of our clients and guests, we are equal to the task of giving you more than you desire.
  • To make the catering experience even more unique, Sac Tacos serves you at any Folsom location of your choice using our state of the art mobile catering services. We have on hand, trained, clean cut and efficient caterers to ensure that every of your guest is fully satisfied.
  • The Sac Tacos Catering uses beautiful dinner wares and utensils to make the catering more attractive. Our aim is to make the experience indelible in the minds of you and your wedding guests. Whatever it takes to achieve that is what we offer you irrespective of the size of your guests.
  • All our Folsom catering services are unique and impeccable but pocket friendly. We offer personalized catering services to suit your theme, guest and pocket.

Sac Tacos Wedding Catering Menu

Sac Tacos is a full service catering service specializing in Mexican cuisine with a single cooking unit comprising of salsa bar, Jalisco style tacos and side cuisines.  We offer the following:

A La Carte Dishes –

  • Veggie option including bell pepper variety, Zucchini, mushroom, and onion sautéed in vegetable oil.
  • Gourmet salad
  • Corn on the cob
  • Quesadillas
  • Tamales with chicken, pork, veggie or queso options.
  • Fresh carnitas
  • Mulitas with Mexican Mozzarella cheese
  • Fresh Civeche with fish and shrimp servings and
  • Tortas

Meat Selections –

  • Steak, chicken, pork shrimp, lobster, fish and chorizo tacos
  • Enchiladas of cheese, chicken and steak
  • Fajitas of flour or corn.

Sides/Drinks/desserts –

  • Signature guacamole, a great appetizer
  • Shredded cheese
  • Pickled or carmelized onions
  • Jalapenos
  • Tortillas
  • Sour cream
  • Gourmet salad
  • Agua’s fresca
  • Refreshments comprising a variety of fresh fruit drinks, and horchata
  • Desserts of cheesecake, flan, lemon meringue, chocolate mousse, carrot cake, churros.

Please visit our Menu Page for more details

Whether your wedding celebration is a simple family garden affair, exotic wedding ceremony in the Bahamas, or an elaborate ballroom affair, trust Sac Tacos Caterers to help you make your ‘I Do’ day a successful one.

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